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Holly Brinda is committed to representing the people of Elyria, Ohio.  In addition to a well-established open-door policy and history of adamant transparency, she has also remained steadfast in her attempts to keep the lines of communication open.  Early in her first term, Mayor Brinda began holding regular meetings open to the public, entitled "Mayor's Night In" the first Thursday of each month in Elyria City Hall to answer questions and concerns from residents. To this day, she remains available to address any resident concerns through phone (440-371-2285), email, Facebook, or in person.     

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  • Joann Grier
    commented 2017-11-13 09:24:43 -0500
  • William Green
    commented 2017-08-14 23:23:19 -0400
    I have been trying for thge past 6 years to get a tree removed from my treelawn due to the fact it’s not only destroying my and my neighbors aprons to our driveways, but also making the street sink in . I got a response that there’s nothing wrong with the sewers so it’s not a concern. What kind of an answer is that? I try to keep my sidewalks and driveway presentable for the value of our neighborhood and no effort on the cities part to help. Why can’t I just get this tree removed before it becomes a court matter?
  • s Altomare
    commented 2017-04-04 15:21:37 -0400
    Thank you for all you are trying to do for our city. Before we can attract new business, we have to clean this city up! The new streets, park, high school and sewers are great, so far. Keep up the good work. You have my vote.
  • Gail Foster
    commented 2016-11-30 03:48:44 -0500
    I do not wish to trouble you with trivial matters, but I don’t know who to contact. The neighbor behind me has a huge grass clipping pile, with corn husks & whatever is added to it. It’s on the lot line & falling onto our side of property. When it’s warm & wet, the pile stinks. Another neighbor & I have discussed this. It is drawing small rodents & groundhogs. We also get deer there nightly. Also they have a huge (4’) pile of branches that had ground hogs living in it, they had babies under our shed! The trees along the lot line are theirs but are all dead. They creak when it’s windy. Yesterday a couple branches snapped off (not twigs) & fell in our yard. I was out there earlier, & I could have gotton hit & hurt. These trees are unsightly & dangerous. I have asked them nicely a couple times to clean up the mess & cut the trees down but I get no response. Yesterday I messaged them on facebook & they just proceeded to un-friend me, again no response. I wrote 2 emails to Mark Craig our councilman & no response. This is the city, NOT the country. Do I have any recourse? Can they be made to clean this up? The owner moved out somewhere in Grafton & their son is living there till mid Dec. then he is moving out, thus leaving the house empty. I do not have an address or phone number for them. Thank you!
  • James H
    commented 2016-04-22 00:06:51 -0400
    Hi, Holly. I just wanted to let you know that my wife and I just sold our house in Elyria to move to Medina. Mainly because of where the city is heading. My water/sewer/trash has raised significantly, my street is NEVER plowed, you have forced the police into poverty (granted, they should probably learn how to maintain their vehicles and they wouldn’t have so many issues with them,) heroin is overcoming the ENTIRE city, my sidewalk is is a TOTAL wreck due to the trees planted by the city of Elyria (according to the arborist, it is my responsibility to fix.) But its okay….I will pay for a new sidewalk per the buyers request just to get the hell out of Elyria. What good have you done for the city? You are running for re-election when I have only lived here for TWO years and in that short time, seen the city be run into the ground. How does that make you feel that my wife and I (she is a ER nurse, I am a nurse and a US Army Veteran) are selling their home after only TWO YEARS due to how this city has been run into the ground? We have put more than $30,000 into our house since we moved in, and it barely appraised for what the selling price was. Want to know why? Per the appraiser, “It’s Elyria, what do you expect?”
  • Mark Reichlin
    commented 2015-10-21 08:36:54 -0400
    If you would like you can place a sign in our front yard. My address is 132 Whitman Blvd, Elyria. Thank you and good luck! Mark & Dee Reichlin
  • Mark Reichlin
    commented 2015-10-21 08:36:54 -0400
    If you would like you can place a sign in our front yard. My address is 132 Whitman Blvd, Elyria. Thank you and good luck! Mark & Dee Reichlin
  • Mark Reichlin
    commented 2015-10-21 08:36:53 -0400
    If you would like you can place a sign in our front yard. My address is 132 Whitman Blvd, Elyria. Thank you and good luck! Mark & Dee Reichlin
  • Mark Reichlin
    commented 2015-10-21 08:36:53 -0400
    If you would like you can place a sign in our front yard. My address is 132 Whitman Blvd, Elyria. Thank you and good luck! Mark & Dee Reichlin
  • bill groomes
    commented 2015-10-20 12:55:26 -0400
  • bill groomes
    commented 2015-10-20 09:34:42 -0400
    please feel free to post a re-elect sign at my house.
  • Karen Ely
    commented 2015-09-30 19:08:59 -0400
    I moved here from Kettering, OH in April. I attended the mayoral candidates event at the VFW last night. You mentioned your office was working with Jobs Ohio to assist in finding a company that would be interested in the burned down General Industries land. I checked their website and can’t find any mention of Elyria or the property. Even using their “find a site” search feature, there were no properties listed in Elyria. Am I looking in the wrong place? 7 years seems a long to me to me for this property to be redeveloped.
  • William Zaffer
    commented 2015-09-10 14:58:34 -0400

    I grew up in Elyria and read today the city is looking for government and private cooperation for economic improvement. I hate what Nafta did to the area and knew was coming when Congressman Jim Kolbe of Arizona sponsored and Bill Clinton signed on back when. Though unless our Congress changes, cities and states have to move with the times. The city of Tucson did since a university town and approved a light rail from the U of A to the downtown and Phoenix now has a larger one. Tucson is moving forward with new college high rise, businesses, and Marriott hotel being built. There is an interesting idea with a hub for young people renting spaces at a downtown renovated building and sharing ideas plus starting new businesses from the knowledge. I could get you the contact if the city of Elyria may consider that concept. To bad though not a light rail from one side of town to the other and commercial and residential development along the light rail since going green is the new paradigm shift even though the status quo fights the concepts due to money influence. Unfortunately, would cost to much and money in this economy would not support such an idea for a small town like Elyria and imagine the uproar for such progressive thinking?

    Good luck

    Bill Zaffer

    Tucson, Arizona

    Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, and Re-Imagne
  • Jodi Bailey
    commented 2015-06-29 12:50:26 -0400
    My name is Jodi Bailey and I am the Producer for the Lorain Palace Youth Theater. I was inquiring to see if you might be interested in placing an ad in our program. You can reach me anytime .
  • Scot Smith
    commented 2015-05-02 09:07:27 -0400
    Could you please put some yard signs in my front yard and the field next to my house, (it is also my property)


  • Karen Ramirez
    commented 2015-04-28 16:08:49 -0400
    We would like a Brinda For Mayor sign in our front yard at 348 Cornell Ave. Elyria. I’m not sure who to contact for this & when I found your website in today’s paper, I’m hoping you can help us. Thanks, any information will help. Karen & Joe Ramirez.
  • Don Norman
    commented 2015-04-23 17:02:33 -0400
    Would be honor to have a ’re-elect sign in our front yard…