Fiscal Responsibility

And just like at your household, the City is doing more with less. Before I took office one of my campaign promises was to audit every department in the City and that’s exactly what I did with the help of the State Auditor. As a result, we instituted over $2.3 million in cost-savings between January 2012 and December 31, 2014. We saved you money by re-bidding contracts, increasing employee contributions to healthcare, joining energy co-operatives, better controlling sick leave, focusing on employee safety, consolidating departments, automating systems with new software, and reducing longevity for new hires in five union contracts.

These cost-savings are helping us off-set $4.5 million in reduced revenue from the state and federal governments. To balance the budget in 2015, the City reduced an additional $1.8 million. While these reductions were painful, they were necessary given the current financial climate.

Today’s financial challenges are real, but if we continue to believe in our potential and work together, Elyria will live up to the motto: Ohio’s Community of Opportunity. Thanks to new partnerships and collaborations and the generosity of many, we have brought back the quality of life programming that makes Elyria special: free summer camps, fireworks, summer concerts, community gardens, expanded holidays lights and programming at Finwood Estate and Downtown, and more. Our steps forward all result from people working together for the common good

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