Tough on Crime

When I came into office a little over three years ago, I inherited many challenges. One of my biggest concerns was safety. The Police Narcotics Unit had been discontinued and drug dealers were taking over our neighborhoods; burglaries were becoming common place. Thankfully today, we have our priorities straight. Elyria is safer and our children and families are less vulnerable to these predators. My administration reestablished the Narcotics Unit and combined it with the Neighborhood Impact Unit to form the Elyria Narcotic/ Neighborhood Impact Unit. The unit is breaking the cycle of drugs and burglaries, with 399 drug-related arrests since the unit’s re-boot in March 2013 – including the largest single heroin seizure in Lorain County history in 2014. Elyria’s neighborhoods are also safer with the demolition of 151 nuisance properties in the last 24 months, and a push to reinvigorate Block Watch organizations.

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